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Sean Phillips

Brand Sherpa

Sean is an internationally recognized leader in the health and fitness industry globally. Sean was one of the Founding Directors of Fitness First, a global market leader with more than 1.6 million members in over 550 clubs across 18 countries and four continents to become the largest health and fitness club chain in the world. His newest concept, Fight Corps, is a high intensity, non-contact experience that is unique in the industry.


High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

Fight Corps Fitness provides a class-based, full-body, high-intensity interval training concept based around the disciplines and values of no-contact kick-boxing. FC classes use cardiovascular technology, music, and group motivation dynamics to achieve personal results for members, whilst promoting a sense of community and mutual support. Classes offer challenge, inspiration, and fun for members of all fitness levels, combining optimal aerobic and anaerobic workouts to create total body lean muscle through a fun, ever-changing, fitness regime coached by highly-trained, certified instructors. Punch, kick, lift, and burn your way through our 60 minute, high-intensity interval training classes. It’s tough. It’s rewarding. But most of all, it’s fun!


Don't let the name fool you

This is NOT a Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) or Boxing concept | Fight Corps is a Premium fitness concept using small group,  bespoke circuit training | FC is a Class Only concept based around our FIIT concept. (Fight Inspired Interval Training) | FC membership is around 80% female! | No-contact, cardio-kickboxing comprises around 50% of the class | Strength training, cardiovascular exercise, muscular endurance, and agility make up the rest | We intentionally use small groups - “pods” - inside the larger group to create better member cohesion | We support our Armed Forces, First Responders, Teachers & Nurses with our HEROES program


Cutting Edge Clean Environment

Our forward-thinking approach to providing safe and clean studio environments includes a UV light system to clean and maintain the space. In addition, our Better Air’s Enviro-biotics™ system improves bio-security of indoor space, surface, and air quality. Our maintenance system is designed to spread safe and protective Enviro-Biotics™ where it reaches hard or soft surfaces. Enviro-Biotics™ creates a protective microscopic layer of probiotic microflora, which coats and shields these objects. The probiotic microflora consumes all organic waste such as pollen, pet dander, shed skin cells, dust mite waste. In addition, FC utilizes hospital-grade cleaning chemicals and hand sanitizer stations throughout the facility to promote a safe and clean environment.


Technology & Data

Technology sits at the heart of the Fight Corps operational model delivering key benefits across the business. Our exclusive MYZONE heart rate tracking App-based Advanced Heart Rate Technology provides unique (to the individual) readings of heart rate and predictive rates of exertion throughout the FC class experience, displayed in a wall-mounted HD tile format within every studio in a live environment. App-based and e-mail results of every member's workout is instantly available at the end of each class. Digital feedback is also available for members outside of FC, for whatever activity is being undertaken. FC will proactively use complementary technology in a number of additional performance-related areas, further enriching the member experience and augmenting the scale of data available for analytics.


Fight Corps is all about empowerment

We offer an approachable fitness environment that’s always energetic, always inspiring, and never ever boring. FC provides a community where you can be with other people striving to live healthy lifestyles and can support each other throughout the process. Our studios offer challenge, intensity, and – this one’s super important – fun for members of all fitness levels. At FC, you literally punch and kick your way through our no-contact, cardio-kickboxing classes. In the process, you burn fat, increase your endurance, and improve cardiovascular health. FC is the perfect opportunity to make an impact on the rest of your life.


Our water is better

Rehydrate with the highest quality water from our in-house full filtration system, utilizing a commercial-grade carbon water filter that removes lead, chlorine and other known contaminants.